David Katz, Managing Partner

Born and raised in Boston, David Katz started private cooking classes as a teen and worked summers at the Lower Falls Wine Company, still one of the finest independent wine shops in America.  Although college drew his interest elsewhere, food and wine would continue to fascinate him.

After college, David embarked on a career in advertising that would ultimately bring him to San Francisco.  At twenty-six, he was named partner in a boutique marketing firm, advising national clientele.  Despite the success, a revived passion for food and wine had now become an obsession.  At twenty eight, David screwed up his courage and chucked it all for a minimum wage prep job at celebrated Fullers Restaurant in Seattle.

In just three years, David was offered a position at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley.  There he created an innovative consumer education program, published over 500 recipes and developed a curriculum in food and wine pairing for professionals.  Eleven years later, David is still on faculty at CIA and continues to teach his Wine & Food Fundamentals and Advanced Food & Wine Pairing courses at the prestigious Rudd Center for Professional Wine Studies.  Throughout the years, he has also consulted with food and wine giants including Williams Sonoma, Domaine Chandon and E&J Gallo.